Friday, December 23, 2011

Unique dinning experience

I've heard about many crazy resturants over the past couple of years.. but the one i'm about to tell you about is beyond anything i've ever expected and hopefully one day i'll get to experience this unique restaurant.


Dans le Noir ( in the dark ) a sensory experience, you eat and drink in the dark, no sight means your other 4 traditionally recognized senses are enhanced. It's an experience you've never encountered before, i could imagine it being an awkward social experience but one i'd like to expeirnece.

You can't see what your eating, you don't know what your eating, and to top it all off, you are guided and  served by blind waiters. There is no pressure of peoples visual judgement, you don't know who's sitting at the table next to you and they don't know you.. you can talk about anything because you really can't see anyone else's face expression.. It's kinda cool if you come to think of it. 

Dans le Noir is more than just a restaurant, it's a one time experience that everyone should try.  I don't know about you.. but i'd LOVE to give it a try and I will very soon!

Dans Le Noir has several different locations worldwide from Paris to London to Moscow to Barcelona..
It is opening in NEW YORK in a couple of days!

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